ANS President


 ANEC I was held by the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) in South Africa in 2002 followed by ANEC II, hosted by the University of Ghana in Accra, Ghana in 2006 with great success. ANEC III was equally successfully hosted by the National Research Centre (NRC) in Cairo, Egypt in 2008 under the theme: the epidemiological transition and its impact on health and development in Africa. ANEC IV was held in October 2010 in Nairobi, Kenya, hosted by the Kenya Medical Research Institute, KEMRI under the theme: Nutrition and Food Security: Successes and emerging challenges. In 2012, ANEC had completed its first cycle by successfully running its conferences across the sub-regions of Africa. By then the African Nutrition Society had been fully established to oversee the ANEC among its other activities. The ANS then true to its ethos of bringing together the nutrition fraternities across the continent went ahead to collaborate with the South African Nutrition Association and the South African Dietetic Society to host the Nutrition Congress Africa (NCA 2012) under the theme: Transforming the Nutrition Landscape in Africa. In July 2014, ANEC VI was hosted in the West Africa region of Ghana under the auspices of the ANS in collaboration with the Ghana Nutrition Association and the Ghana Dietetic Association under the theme: Food and Nutrition Security in Africa: new Challenges and opportunities for Sustainability. This year’s conference will take place in Marakech at the Convention Center, Marrakech, Morocco, from October 9 –14. The theme chosen for the conference is “Nutrition dynamics in Africa : Opportunities and challenges for meeting the Sustainable Development Goals”.

Background of Africa Nutritional Epidemiological Conferences