ANEC VII President



Dear board members,

On behalf of the Moroccan Nutrition Society and all nutrition scientists in Morocco, it is our pleasure to propose hosting the 7th African Nutrition Epidemiology Conference in Marrakesh, Morocco from 9th and 14th, october 2016.

The incentives beyond our proposition to organize this event are multiple: First the International Conference on Nutrition recently hold on Roma recommended to raise the profile of nutrition within relevant national strategies, policies, actions plans and programs, and align national resources accordingly to improve nutrition by strengthening human and institutional , Secondly FAO and WHO  were called, in collaboration with other United Nations agencies, funds and programs, as well as other international organizations, to support national governments, upon request, in developing, strengthening and implementing their policies, programs and plans to address the multiple challenges of malnutrition. Thirdly s further efforts and a strong global partnership for development are needed to accelerate progress and reach the goals  not accomplished by 2015 concerning the Millennium Development Objectives. Fourthly, WHO nutrition strategies implementation 2010-2020 will be at their  mid term in 2016. Time to  have an insight on these strategies outcomes..

Fifth, Morocco now than before is gearing its Sustainable development policies toward the South and hopefully will permit a fruitful sharing and  high performances in Nutrition, Health and Society

SMN the Unique Society gathering nutritionists from different backgrounds (Heath, Agriculture, human sciences etc…) wishes to host this African event in Marrakesh, the magic city with deep African roots and leaves beyond the Mediterranean sea;

That is Why we have suggested this theme for the conference:

’’Nutrition dynamics in Africa : Opportunities and challenges for meeting the Sustainable Development Goals’’.

Prof Abdellatif Bour
SMN President
Conference ANEC VII President